domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Bourne, Lisa T. Bergren

I'm submitting this book to the 2012 YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by YA Bliss.

Review: Even with a shorter story (this is a novella), Lisa T. Bergren still manages to capture me into her story and exist in medieval times with her characters. Bourne was enticing and completely satisfying, yet I was left begging for more!

I loved to get to see Gabi and Marcello together in a new period of their lives, and that it didn't change Gabi's "She-wolfness". I enjoyed to read some parts in Lia's POV. The two sisters are quite different, and it shows. Gabi is so brave and ready to act, while Lia asks questions first, and thinks a lot more before doing anything. But when she does, yay! Things between her and Luca finally move forward, and aren't they so adorable...

More is revealed about the mysterious brotherhood, and things take a turn for the worse for them... I wonder how things are going to work out. As for the elusive Rodolfo Grego, I really felt bad for him this time, because he's hurting (hopefully all will be better soon), and everyone is ready to think the worse of him. (Especially Luca, who was being a bit of a drama queen about it...) Speaking of Luca, I'm really curious about his sister.

Oh, why do I have to wait for more of these books/novellas? It's pure torture!

Pages: I have no idea, the .pdf version has 88 pages, but in book format this would be longer, I think.

Publisher: self-published

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