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Reaper, Rachel Vincent

This book is for the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge, hosted by Fiktshun.

Review: Dear Rachel Vincent, are you trying to make me hate Nash Hudson? Because he wasn't exactly my favorite person after reading My Soul to Keep, and after reading this novella, I was even less impressed with his character.

This story happens a couple of years before the main books, but I guess it could be read either before or after the main books. Though it does have greater impact when read just after My Soul to Keep... the characters Nash and Tod change dramatically before one's eyes with this novella.

Nash comes off as a complete brat; well, at least he was one before this story's events... it seems he may have gained some sense after them. His relationship with Sabine seems like complete teenage drama, so I'm curious to learn more about her and how they were together.

It's Tod that shines through this, though. We get to know him, and how and what he thinks, a bit more, and it was really interesting to see Nash and Tod's sibling dynamics. So much happened between these two, and I wonder what will happen when Nash finds out about what Tod did.

Pages: 71 (pdf edition)

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

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