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Forsaken, Jana Oliver

I'm submitting this book to the 2011 Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren.

Review: Welcome to Atlanta. It's 2018 and the city is bankrupt. To make matters worse, demons roam the streets, and it's up to the city's Demon Trappers to catch them. Riley is the first girl to become an Apprentice Trapper, so she wants to make her father, a Master Trapper, proud. But soon everything goes wrong, and Riley is soon

My mind set while reading this book was something like "OMG this is so cool! This is awesome! *squee*" Yes, I loved it. This book blends just the right amount of urban fantasy and slight apocalyptic tones. Besides, the YA part of it is not annoyingly angsty and isn't full of YA clichés, which is a good thing in my book. Also, the setting, with a city bankrupt that is falling apart, makes for the perfect and believable playground for demons escaped from Hell.

Riley Blackthorne is a great character. She knows how to trap a demon and kick ass, but she is also feminine and vulnerable. She got through so much, and yet she keeps going. Denver Beck is another great character. He's one of those characters you can't help being mad at the author for putting them through so much crap. But that's what makes him so interesting. Well, that and his "no bullshit" attitude. And the fact that he and Riley bicker so much, and misunderstand each other ocasionally, and then they bond over trapping and her father. The chapters kind of alternate between them, so we get to be in both of their heads. The sentences introduced in the chapters that convey their unspoken thoughts toward each other are pure gold.

Simon is adorable, quite interesting and a great love interest for Riley, but I don't see it lasting. Characters named Simon always end up being the third wheel. Or jerks. And who this guy named Ori? If he is supposed to be yet another love interest for Riley, he certainly didn't show up much, just for the last fourth of the novel. Besides, he gave me this "tall, dark, handsome and stakerish" feeling. I'm wondering if he may be something else entirely. Besides, between all these guys and Riley's best friend, Peter, what are you trying to do, Ms. Oliver? A love pentagon? I might faint of all that craziness. And yet, this didn't bother me as it should - I guess all the romantic stuff is just gleamed and hinted at.

The Trapper crowd is quite interesting, and they actually reminded me somewhat of the Hunters in the TV show Supernatural. Many of them have some personal tragedy, and they are a group of people fighting evil underhanded and overwhelmed. Harper stood out for me, thanks to his not-so-lovely attitude. I wonder what his personal tragedy is.

The story's pacing didn't leave me much time to breathe, actually. The author raises many questions and creates a very interesting world. I'm quite eager to learn more about what going on with the demons, and what's this big game Riley's apparently involved in. The ending... oh dear, all hell breaks loose. Again, I'm looking forward to see (read) where this is headed.

I'm already pining, itching and extremely impatient to read Forbidden, book #2, but then again people in Goodreads are talking about a big cliffhanger at the end of that one, so I'm not sure I should read it yet, since book #3 only comes out in February. What's a book lover's gonna do? Decisions, decisions...

Pages: 448

Publisher: Macmillan

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