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Torrent, Lisa T. Bergren

I'm submitting this book to the YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by YA Bliss.

Review: And I thought these books couldn't get anymore exciting. While reading this one, I felt like sprinting just to keep up with Gabi and Lia. Only the ending threw me off a bit, as it was sorta cliffhanger-ish, and were this the last book, as I thought it was in the beginning, I'd be having something of a fit right now.

Thankfully, Lisa was dropping some hints on the Facebook page that she was preparing a fourth book. And while searching her blog, I read that she has plans to write as much as 7 books total. But this would depend on sales and her publisher (those pesky things), and she may publish the fourth book only as an e-book... I'm not too happy about it, since I have no e-reader and don't like much reading on the computer... but I guess I may do an excepton for this exceptional and awesome series.

As for the story... have I mentioned exciting and awesome? With every book in the series it seems like the stakes are higher, and this is medieval times, so deaths and near-deaths abound. I just felt so sad for a certain departure. And other parts of this book were so emotional that it was almost like a tearfest.

I really enjoyed the developments around Gabi and Marcello... they had their happy ending, albeit it was interrupted by that pesky war with the Fiorentini. And Gabi really had time for a little soul searching in this book, to understand if this was really what she wanted.

In the middle of all this drama I actually felt bad for poor Lord Rodolfo Greco. I never root for the third wheel on a love triangle once I established my "team", but Lord "Tall, Dark and Handsome" (as Gabi describes him once) kinda deserves a happy ending for him as well. The scenes with him and Gabi were great.

I am becoming more of a Lia's fan, she is growing on me. I'm rooting as well for her and Luca, I'm not sure what's in store for them, but I'm hoping all good things. I also enjoyed to be able to see the Betarrinis reunited, it was very interesting to see their family dynamics, especially now that Gabi and Lia are becoming more adults than teens.

I am pining for this book. A good pining, but I am just sad that it may be the last book, or at least the last book for a while. These characters really have grown on me and I just can't wait to read more of their adventures, and to have eventually some closure on their story. I am also extremely happy that I heard of these books, as I woundn't be the same without them. For example, I woundn't have discovered a love of YA historicals!

Pages: 400

Publisher: David C. Cook

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