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Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon Vol. 2 - Thursday, Friday and Saturday (13th-15th)

Pages read:
Thursday: 115 pages
Friday: 105 pages
Saturday: 74 pages

Pages read so far: 490 + 294 = 784

Books read:
Thursday: 115/560 pages (20,5%) of Cress, Marissa Meyer
Friday: 105/560 pages (18,8%) of Cress, Marissa Meyer
Saturday: 74/560 pages (13,2%) of Cress, Marissa Meyer

Books read so far:
Pivot Point by Kasie West (currently reading)
The Ocean at the End of the Lane (O Oceano no Fim do Caminho) [Portuguese edition], Neil Gaiman (finished)
Cress, Marissa Meyer (currently reading)

Read-a-thon status:
I'm loving Cress, though I haven't had the time I wish I had to finish it. But it's been such a good read, the characters are awesome, both new and old acquaintances, and I love how the author incorporates the fairy tales' moments into her world.

Challenge: Mad Libs hosted by Chandra @ Unabridged Bookshelf
This is not your normal Mad Lib, for this Mad Lib you cannot just use any verb, noun, adjective to fill in the blanks, you must use a word from a book title. I thought it would tie in better with the Read-a-thon, and make more hilarious results.

Word List
1. Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend (List Title)
2. Verb (List Title)
3. Noun (List Title)
4. Verb (List Title)
5. Past Tense Verb (List Title)
6. Noun (List Title)
7. Plural Noun (List Title)
8. Adjective (ex: big, hot, beautiful, gloomy) (List Title)
9. Noun (List Title)

After you have your word list, Scroll Down and fill in the template below with your words.

Dear (#1, Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

I have (#2, Verb) but I have not had the (#3, Noun) to tell you, When I first (#4, Verb) your story, I (#5, past tense verb) in (#6, Noun). I hope you and I will someday be (#7 Plural Noun). I would love to give you a/an (#8, Adjective) (#9, Noun) for Valentine's Day. 

Yours Truly
(Your Name)
I'm working on it, but I think I'll answer this challenge and the next one in the next and last update.

Challenge: Book Spine Poetry hosted by Anya @ Starships and Dragonwings
Pick some books and make a poem (as pretty or random as you want!). If you have physical books around to use, take a picture and tweet/post it somewhere. If you don’t have physical books to use (because that is always me!) feel free to just grab cover images or titles instead, but still tweet/post it so that you can link it.
I'm also working on it, but I'm going to answer this challenge and the previous one in the next and last update. I love this kind of challenge, but I'm not in the mood for it right now.

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