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My Soul to Save, Rachel Vincent

This book is for the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge, hosted by Fiktshun.

Review: I must say, this sequel does not disappoint. I loved every moment of it, and I'm not sure I'll remember to say everything I wanted to say about it.

In this book, Kaylee is learning new things about her bean sidhe powers, learning how to deal with her now-present father, and dating Nash. One thing I really liked about My Soul to Save is the sense of normalcy between the supernatural nonsense Kaylee has to face. Kaylee is trying to adjust to her role as daughter, now that her father returned, and faces her first punishments; and there are a few steamy moments between Kaylee and Nash, and Kaylee faces her own doubts about letting things go further.

Meanwhile, Kaylee finds out that some teenage stars are selling their souls for fortune and fame, and given what happened in My Soul to Take, she feels responsible. I found so funny the notion of a well known media company, "Dekker Media", ever present in films, series and music, selling their teen stars' souls. Thanks for setting the record straight on that, Rachel!

The plot's pace advances nicely, exploding in an ending I wasn't quite expecting. That is another thing I liked about this book (and the other books by Rachel Vincent I've read as well) - in Kaylee's world, everything has a price, and moral grayness, death and sacrifice may be a big, and very present, part of it.

There were some interesting character developments. Nash continues to be the lovely, adorable, gorgeous boyfriend, and though he doesn't pressure Kaylee, I can see how that may be a problem in the future between them, given Kaylee's doubts. Tod gains some depth in character, and I'm curious to see what happens next with him.

Pages: 384

Publisher: Mira Ink

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