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My Soul to Take, Rachel Vincent

This is a re-read for the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge, hosted by Fiktshun.

Thoughts on the re-read: I found it as awesome as the first time around. I really like what Rachel Vincent did here, picking up an obscure mythological creature and creating a whole world around it. I loved to read about bean sidhes and reapers and the Netherworld, although I'm expecting to learn more about this last one in the next books in the series.

The cast of characters is pretty great. I can't pick a favorite one, they all seem layered and not cookie-cutter to me. I adored Emma, finally a decent best friend that cares about out heroine.

I really liked Kaylee's family, but they drove me nuts for different reasons. Sophie is just annoying with her cluelessness. Her aunt and uncle - well, I get why she ended up at the psych ward, they were worried with her, but they shouldn't have let her think she was crazy and just told her the truth. Her father lost the right to tell her when he ran away. I realize he couldn't face what had happened, but still. And I was disappointed at her aunt. I'm really curious to know more about the bean sidhe side of the family and their past.

I haven't read the following books yet, but I've heard whispers, so this time around I paid attention to both Nash and Tod. It's interesting to watch their sibling dynamics complicated by something out of their control. I still liked Nash and it was adorable seeing with Kaylee, but I was a bit suspicious at his motives and afraid to like him too much and be disappointed at a later stage. Tod really stood out this time, between the his reaper creepy persona and his nicer side who may have a soft spot for Kaylee.

The story, even though I knew the ending, still surprised me with it, because the guilty party is just so unexpected (at least to me, though I realized there were signs this time around). The plot has a nice pacing, between the mistery of those girls dying and the big revelations to Kaylee. Although I almost can't believe this only happened in like 3 days.

I'm really curious as to what happens next, especially amongst Kaylee's family, and I'm really excited to keep reading this series, I almost can't wait to read the next one.

Publisher: Mira Ink

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  1. Esta série é muito, muito boa. ^__^

    1. Já leste até qual? Estou super curiosa... se não fosse o desafio lia-os já todos de seguida. :D

  2. Olá! Só para dizer que o Rol dos Livros me deixou um selinho, que passei também a este blogue! está no meu blogue.
    boas leituras!