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Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-Thon - Monday, February 11th

Pages: 95

Total pages read so far: 623 + 95 = 718

The last 95 pages of Radiant Shadows, Melissa Marr

 Books read so far:
Wolverine: The Reckoning, Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu, Scot Eaton, Will Conrad, Stephen Segovia, Mierco Pierfederici
Wolf Pact, Melissa de la Cruz
Radiant Shadows, Melissa Marr

Challenge: Lines of Love hosted by Pabkins @ My Shelf Confessions
My challenge for you today should you choose to bandy words with me: Compile some Lines of Love to woo us, Or perhaps fill us with sadness, make our hearts bleed perhaps? Or nay give us a laugh that only comedic love can. 
The challenge requirements, oh evil things that they are:

  • In the current book you are reading flip to a random page
  • Roll four dice, add each die’s number together, the total is your line number(aka line=sentence) [convenient website for dice rolling here]
  • Make the line romantic in some way. (you don’t have to use the whole line, but at least half of it and whatever you add of your own can’t be more than half the total quote)

I'm picking the last book I read (Wolf Pact), instead of the one I am currently reading (Radiant Shadows), since I own the former in English, and the latter in Portuguese - and how on Earth am I going to do a retranslation of Melissa Marr's work into English again? xD

So I open page 109 of Wolf Pact, and if I counted this right, sentence 14 (I got 14 with the four dice) is:
There was someone else in the room.

My answer for this challenge is:
There was love for him, not someone else, and in the room I confessed.

Phew, It was a bit hard, with the word limitation, and the fact I have no lyrical bone in my body (xD), but it was at least amusing to try.

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