terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Before I Wake, Rachel Vincent

This book is for the Before I Wake Mini-Reading Challenge, hosted by Fiktshun.

My thoughts: Just when I think there is no way these books can surprise, that there is no way to "top it up a notch", Rachel Vincent proves me wrong (thankfully!) and delivers another amazing book in the Soul Screamers series.

After what happened in If I Die's end, I wasn't so sure how things would turn out and actually make sense, but the author uses the chance to make us meditate on how Kaylee's new, er, status might affect her and her loved ones. She wrestles with the sudden increase of free time she has, and with how emotions might hinder or enhance her new "lifestyle" - and I appreciated to read about her struggle.

I loved to read how Kaylee is a bit more feisty and bold. It's like she's finally grown up to the awesome heroine we always knew she was. She is still quite selfless and protective of her loved ones, but she is also smart and cunning when facing a new challenge. I loved to see her with Tod - they make an even better couple than I thought they would. They have chemistry, they care about each other, and they are cute and funny together. I feel happy with them - especially because Tod is always cracking up a joke.

I'm not sure how on Earth I'm supposed to comment the plot, because everything is literally a spoiler. I'll just say it was a very fun and exciting ride. I liked to watch all the gang together, with new additions (I loved to meet them) and finally some cooperation between the teens and the adults. It was interesting to see old foes back, up to who knows what, and try to figure out their endgame.

I can't say much about the ending either, but I'll say I was absolutely shocked and teary-eyed. Some characters don't make it to the end, some characters are left with their fate hanging in the balance, and some are left to deal with the final events of the book. This is the first time we're actually left hanging in this series... I think I'm in denial about the fact I have to wait about 9 months to read what's coming next.

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  1. OMG quero! Agora que este livro me apareceu no correio já posso ler o 5º e o 6º! O__O

    1. Boa! Vais lê-los de seguida? Seria uma experiência interessante, são os mais intensos da série. ;)