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Legend, Marie Lu

I'm submitting this book to the 2011 Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren.

Review: June is the Republic's prodigy, being the only one that has scored the maximum score on the Trial. Day is a slum boy, running from the Republic for being a trouble maker. June has recently lost her brother, Metias. Day is suspected of murdering him.

With this premise, Marie Lu creates an interesting struggle between these two characters - June wants to avenge her brother and capture Day, Day wants to run to live another day and to help his family. I think the pacing is a little off, since it takes half the book to get June and Day together and to get him captured.

I found this militarized world in which the story happens quite compelling, albeit I would like to have seen it more developed and better explained. The US were divided between the Republic (roughly the West Coast states) and the Colonies, and there is a conflict between them, but how did it start? We only see the Republic's point of view in this book (and it is filled with propaganda against the Colonies), so I'm eager to see how things are like in the Colonies.

The "mystery" June had to uncover was easy to figure out, and I think the time spent on it could have been used on developing what was going on with the Trail tests and June and Metias' parents. I was very curious about what's going on behind the scenes in the Republic, and many things are only hinted at, but they show promise.

As for June and Day, great characters. June is a kick-ass, smart girl who is trying to do the right thing, but she ends up having to reevaluate her beliefs and what she has been taught. Day is a street-wise kid who was wronged by the Republic and who struggles to give them hell and help his family at the same time.

To sum it up, this is a story which I truly liked, as it shows a lot of promise and kept me wondering about many things. I loved the main characters, and was intrigued and curious about the worldbuilding. I wish some things were better developed, and I hope to see them full-blown in the sequel.

Pages: 320

Publisher: Putnam

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