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Bout of Books 7.0 Read-a-Thon - Wrap-up Post

Bout of Books

And I can't almost believe I'm wrapping up another read-a-thon. I started doing them through a blogger friend and now I love to do them! The signing up, the figuring out what books I'd like to read, getting to read those books, updating my progress, entering the challenges, getting to know some new blogs and what they did for the challenges... it's so much fun to get a week dedicated to reading.

I like to set reachable goals, and so, I believe I've accomplished my goals for this read-a-thon:
  • I read everyday, and I *think* I did so for at least a couple of hours
  • I entered almost all of the challenges
  • I updated everyday, even on the day I didn't enter that day's challenges
  • I socialized - I visited some blogs and commented on them, and I entered the first Twitter chat - what an overwhelming endeavour, lol, but I'd like to check out another Twitter chat in the next read-a-thon
  • I read 3 fiction books from my first pile, and 3 comic books from my second pile

And statistically:

I did good this read-a-thon, and I had fun, so count me in for the next one. Thank you to the hosts and everyone who hosted a challenge.

Below are my posts for the read-a-thon, both the starting post as well as the daily update posts, which contain my progress and my answers to the challenges.

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  1. Meu Deus, correu mesmo bem! 235 páginas por dia é a loucura :D

    1. Correu, sim. :D Mas a BD dá um empurrãozinho, se não fosse esta, teria lido bastante menos. xD