sábado, 8 de junho de 2013

Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon Vol. 2 - Saturday, June 8th

Pages read today: 276

Total pages read so far: 480

Books read today:
276/480 pages (57,5%) of Night School (A Escola Nocturna), C.J. Daugherty - finished it

 Total books read so far:

Challenge: Songs for the Summer hosted by Kriss @ Cabin Goddess
This one is fun, almost as fun as last years.. wait it is more fun because this year it is open for a week! Pick a song that goes with whatever you are reading in the comment section below with a link to it somewhere on the web. If you can to also post a link to a YouTube video, even more the better! :D
Since this one can be done during the whole week, I might be updating this post later, if I come up with something.

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