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Tributary, Lisa T. Bergren

I'm submitting this book to the 2012 YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by YA Bliss.

My thoughts: It has been a year since Bourne, and Siena and Firenze are stalled in an uneasy truce. Castello Forelli is flourishing and rebuilding, but the Fiorentini will stop at nothing to reignite the hostilities, even if they have to destroy innocents to accomplish their goal.

I think it's pretty meaningful of how much I enjoy this series, that I am still buying the novella e-books even if I much prefer reading print books. I love spending a little more time with these beloved characters.

This time around, Gabi and Marcello take a bit of a step back, building their happy married life, while Lia, Luca and a new character, Alessandra, take over the narrator's place. It's nice to see things through Lia's eyes, and I liked to read about what she was going through this time around. Besides, she and Luca are terribly cute together, and I enjoy their scenes together.

I liked the new character, Alessandra, because she has some promise, but I wish she hadn't run away and get caught by the Fiorentini. At least she realized their true nature (of some of them, actually), but I'd like that some of that Betarrini's feistiness rubs on her. I'm not sure she and Rodolfo are worthy of each other yet, but I fancy the ideia that they have something in common.

Speaking of Rodolfo (I'm sorry, Lord Rodolfo Greco), I figured out that he reminds me of Faolan, from Juliet Marillier's Bridei's Chronicles. I mean, one is Irish and the other Italian, but they fit that "tall, dark and handsome" bill, and also, they both end up loyal to the side of war they weren't born into, and (I can't believe I almost forgot that) they both fall for girls they shouldn't have. AT ALL. Alessandra went through a bit of what Eile endured her whole life, so I hope Eile's awesomeness rubs on her.

I'm sorry, I got carried away. Anything that gets me talking about my favourite author and some of my favourite books ever is pretty damn good on its own right. So... I wonder what comes next for Castello Forelli.

Pages: I'm not sure, the .pdf version has 114 pages, but this would be longer in print format, I think.

Publisher: self-published

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  1. Cada vez que leio as tuas opiniões sobre esta série fico com uma vontade enorme de pegar nos livros e ler. Cheguei a encomendar uma vez no Amazon, mas nunca chegou (eles devolveram-me o dinheiro), portanto nunca tive prazer de os ler.

    1. Oi addle! Oh, se tiveres oportunidade tens de experimentar, é bem gira. A autora combina o período histórico medieval muito bem com estas heroínas do século XXI.

      Não sei se costumas comprar no Book Depository, mas é uma boa alternativa à Amazon, e não têm portes (apesar de mandarem os livros duma encomenda um a um). ;)