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If I Die, Rachel Vincent

This book is for the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge, hosted by Fiktshun.


My thoughts: I finished this book 3 days ago, and I am still quite speechless as to what the hell am I supposed to write about it. The story itself is so intense I couldn't quite breathe through the whole thing, I always say I'm having a hard time to avoid spoilers when giving my thoughts on a book, but that is particularly true with this book - since this is a game changer, everything (literally) is a spoiler!

Kaylee was an amazing character in this book. Early on (and thus I don't consider it a spoiler, besides, it's mentioned in every description of the book available), she discovers she will die, and she only has a few days left. She does not whine or despair; she tries her hardest to face it calmly and bravely and she tries to keep everyone she loves safe and taken care of, after she dies. She was so adamant about getting rid of Mr. Beck and making sure he couldn't hurt anyone at Eastlake High, which was a bit laced with denial and avoidance of her own situation, but at the same time she always kept in mind she wouldn't be there soon to help her friends.

I wish she and Nash had gone their separate ways sooner, because at the end of MStKeep I was already ready for them to split up, and then MStSteal happened, and I was even more ready for that, so I was surprised to see them still together in the beginning. I try to be compassionate towards him, but he's note my favourite person right now. His temper shows its ugly head on some occasions, and I dislike him when he gives in to addiction.

Tod, on the other hand, seems even more interesting by the minute, and the things he does for Kaylee are, in a way, chivalrous (taking into account he is, in fact, a reaper). Besides, the things he says to Kaylee are positively swoon-worthy and lovely (that chapter 16 is wonderful in that account). I was a little dizzy at the quick way they fell on each other's arms, but they really were on a tight schedule... They seem perfect for each other, in a way, so I am wondering how this is gonna turn out. (I'm wary, though, since Nash seemed perfect in the beginning as well.)

The plot was quick-paced, so exciting and full of action but also balanced with some quiet, heart-breaking moments. I never thought the villain could be so scary, and that he had something to do with the main story surprised me. Even knowing what was coming since the first few pages, Rachek Vincent managed to catch me off guard and write an explosive ending that left me teary-eyed. I was left wondering how she came up with that *thing* that happens at the very end, and how things are going to evolve from there. Her writing, as always, is so engrossing and beautiful, and I think she quite inspired when writing If I Die.

Pages: 352

Publisher: Mira Ink

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  1. Já li o primeiro há algum tempo, mas lembro-me que os pombos estavam muito caídinhos um pelo outro, e agora separaram-se? Mas será definitivo?

    1. Ohhhh, muita água correu debaixo da ponte desde então... :P Aconselho a que continues a ler, porque esta é uma autora pode mudar a sério a opinião dos fãs sobre alguns personagens. ;)

    2. Surpreendente! :0

      Ai não consigo. O meu problema com esta série nem foi tanto com as personagens, mas com aquela coisa da morte ser uma empresa/negócio. O_O