domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon - Sunday, June 24th

Pages: 162 (The Other Countess, Eve Edwards)

Hours: 3 hours and 10 minutes (The Other Countess, Eve Edwards)

Books: The Other Countess, Eve Edwards - finished it.

Challenge: Wicked Summer Scorcher hosted by April @ My Shelf Confessions

For this Wicked Wildfire Challenge you are a VAMPIRE who cannot be out in the sun or – you guessed it, you get scorched. Szzzzzz. Smoking skin, you get the picture. It’s not going to be pretty. However, YOU don’t have a choice!

You see you have several beloved objects you must grab otherwise they will be forever lost to you. What are those objects? Well we’ve peaked inside your minds and made sure to grab 3 of your MOST treasured belongings, which since they are unique will be different for each of you – but you know what they are.

So knowing two things, that you’re a vampire who HAS to run in the sun to grab 3 precious items, you have some thinking to do. How are you going to protect yourself from the sun; from getting scorched to a little vampire crisp? Tell me what you’d do and how you’d do it and HOPEFULLY you’ll survive to see another sunset.
Greetings, human. What is this nonsense about beloved objects you speak of? I have lived through many years, seen many things, lived many lives. Prized possessions is a concept with no meaning to one so old such as I, and it is so last century.

Even if I were to find myself in such a scenario, I would never risk my safety. There's a reason why I keep compelled human servants. Any of them could safely retrieve such items without risking myself or any of the companions of many years that reside in my household.

This must answer your inquiries, human; so now I may go back to enjoy the delights of blood and flesh. What is it, you say? You offer yourself? Why, so generous of you. I can't promise you will enjoy this... but I will.

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  1. LOL! You don't have a heart! xD

    1. Actually, no. Why? Are you offering yours?

      (off character: o que eu me diverti a "cozinhar" isto! xD)