quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon - Thursday, June 21st

Pages: 120

Hours: 2 hours

Books: Obsidian, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Challenge: Cover Lover hosted by Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer

I love these challenges where you have to guess the book with just a bit of the cover, so I feel at ease with this challenge. I've guessed 7 out of the 9 books, but I think I may be able to guess the last two... I'll take a look later. Scratch that, I just figured out the last two. Phew! They took a little more research and paying attention.

Challenge: Wicked Title Trouble hosted by Melissa @ Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf
Using at least 3 of the titles of the books below...make up the most interesting, creative, funny, romantic, mysterious, or simply ridiculous sentence that you can!

So, here's my try... I couldn't resist using all of the titles.

I was Born Wicked, so That Summer, amidst a Heat Wave, I was Catching Fire at the Beach House, in the time of the Rising Sun of the Solstice; I then became one of The Sandcastle Girls and learned How to Ruin a Summer Vacation.

Bonus Challenge: Sing Us a Song hosted by April @ My Shelf Confessions

I won't enter this one, it looks fun but I'm shy, a crappy singer and no good at recording things at all, so I'd just embarrass myself.

7 comentários:

  1. Omg, ainda tenho de fazer a frase... Conseguiste usar todos os títulos!! D:

    1. Fui encadeando as ideias, e quando dei por mim consegui juntar todos na mesma frase, mesmo que não tenha muito sentido. Parece um poema, daqueles marados que não rimam e não fazem sentido. xD

      Conseguiste acertar as capas todas?

    2. xD quanto mais silly melhor, por isso...

      Nah, não consegui responder a duas, a 5 (aquela com a sereia, eu sei que já vi aquilo em algum lado mas não me vem à ideia o título, ainda pensei que fosse o Poseidon mas não é..), e a 7...

    3. ah, e troquei as respostas da 8 e 9 xD I'm an idiot

    4. Shame on you! Quem é que troca o 8 e o 9? :P Agora que já acabou, acho que posso dizer que o 5 é o Lies Beneath, e o 7 é um da Jessi Kirby cujo nome me falha agora. As listas do Goodreads ajudaram imenso. ;)

  2. Respostas
    1. Yup, that was so fun! Thanks for coming up with a great challenge. ;)