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Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon - The Wrap-Up Post

Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon

This was my first read read-a-thon, and I must say it was an interesting thing to do for a few days. It made me focus on reading instead of blogging, and it got me reading things I probably wouldn't have these days.

As for stats, I read:
  • 937 pages
  • in 14 hours and a half
  • 6 books: 1 from my first pile, Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout; 1 from the second pile, The Other Countess by Eve Edwards; and 4 books from the last pile, the comic book pile.
I did accomplish every of my goals:
  • I read every day for an hour or longer (I read 3+ hours in Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • I updated my progress everyday
  • I entered all the challenges (and it was most fun trying to figure out them, or trying to come up with a decent answer to them).

I can't tell if I read more than I usually do, but I can tell I made a bigger effort as the days went by, and the weekend days were the best, because I did read a lot.

I am interested in trying to do a read-a-thon again, because this was a great experience, though I can already tell my dream read-a-thon would be on vacation... which is a bit far away now.

Below are my posts during the read-a-thon, including the starting post and the daily update posts.

4 comentários:

  1. Estou a adorar o Divergente! Nunca pensei que fosse tão bom.

    1. :D Achei-o uma pequena pérola, no meio de tanta coisa YA que é mediana. ;)

  2. Leste imenso! D: Que tal foi a The Other Countess? Tenho ali na estante há algum tempo e ainda não lhe peguei :(

    1. ;P Há que ter em conta que 224 páginas daquilo são BDs, sempre se lêem mais depressa. Deu para ler mais no fds, o The Other Countess li muito mais rápido que o Obsidian. :)

      O The Other Countess é bem giro, passa-se em tempos "elizabethanos", e vê-se que a autora estudou bastante a época, porque está cheio de pequenos detalhes. E o casal é tão fofo, é um daqueles casos em que as coisas ardem em lume lento, mas quando dás por ti estás a torcer por eles. :D