segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012

Bout of Books 5.0 Read-a-Thon - Monday, August 13th

Pages: 223

Hours: 3 hours and a half

Books: Losing Lila, Sarah Alderson (64%)

Challenge: Literary BFFs hosted by Auggie @ Auggie Talk
Everyone has that one character. The character that they know they could relate to, get along with, have fun with, and laugh with. A literary BFF!

Tell us who your literary BFF is and why they're your always friend. What do you guys do together? What do you talk about? Get creative and let us know who your Literary Best Friend is!

As I struggled to answer this, many characters came to mind. I thought I should choose someone who is a lot like myself (maybe Anne Elliot, Penny Featherington, or Hermione Granger), but then I realized it should actually be someone like my best friend in real life, someone who is a bit unlike me, who completes me, in a way, and who teases me out of my shell. Someone like Lizzy Bennet, or Trixie Belden, or Lilly Moscovitz, who speak their mind and have a no-bullshit attitude, who are brave in their own way and fight for what they want.

Challenge: Passing Books hosted by Elsi @ Reading in Texas and Shaunesay @ The Space Between
To enter this challenge, tell us what happens to your books after you have read them.

Most books I read were bought by me, so I usually keep them. I might offer/sell/giveaway some, but a lot of them go to my personal library, to be re-read (at least parts of them) whenever I feel like, or to borrow to friends and family.

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