quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Bout of Books 5.0 Read-a-Thon - Thursday, August 16th

Pages: 172 (total so far: 752)

Hours: 3 hours (total so far: 13 hours)

Books: Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas (42% - finished it)
(previously read: Losing Lila, Sarah Alderson)

Challenge: A Book for Every Season hosted by Kristilyn @ Reading in Winter
Name the perfect book for each season of the year! The book can either have the name of the season in the title, or — and this is the preferred way! — the book can take place in that specific season. Feel free to jazz it up however you like, by including pictures of the book to go with the name.

I will try to choose books that mean something, and explain why I chose them. I'll start with Winter, since it is the first season of the year, and the season I was born in (I kinda feel an affinity with it):

Winter - The Winds of Winter, George R.R. Martin
The upcoming and much anticipated book by this author, hopefully it will be released rather sooner than later.

Spring - Scandal in Spring, Lisa Kleypas
Very highly recommended author. Would like to read something by her soon.

Summer - That Summer, Sarah Dessen
I so want to read something by Sarah Dessen. Peharps this would be a good way to start.

Autumn - Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman
I wanted to read this when I was younger. Somehow I never got to it.

Challenge: Candy Challenge hosted by BookSmartie @ BookSmartie
I don't know about you but I used to love eating and reading at the same time - I don't even know why. So for this challenge (also, because my rating system just screams candy) I'd like you to share either what's your favorite snack while reading - do you snack at all? Or do you - like me - sometimes try to eat (or drink) exactly what the characters in the story are having?

Oh, I do eat or drink when reading. Not frequently, but my beverage of choice would be a coffee or tea drink. Anything with either is fine. I'm more careful since the one time I spilled milk and coffee on my bed's stupid mattress, though. As for snacks, anything goes. Chocolate, anything nutty, cookies, a sandwich...

Challenge: Contemporary Challenge hosted by Cassie @ Books with Cass
  • Choose your favorite contemporary of 2012 (thus far)
  • Choose your favorite contemporary COVER of 2012 (thus far)
  • And explain your biggest *SURPRISE* contemporary book of this year

I usually don't read contemporaries, and didn't read many in 2012 (if any at all), so I'll sit this one out - I feel way in over my head.

6 comentários:

  1. Lisa Kleypas and Sarah Dessen are two I need to read, as well! They're so highly recommended!

    As for the snacks, I'm an anything-goes person, too. So long as I don't spill anything on my book!

    1. Lol, they are so praised I almost feel guilty for not having read them already! ;P

      True, it is so annoying to spill something on a book... I'm extra careful now. :)

  2. Wait, wait, já acabaste o Throne of Glass?? D:

    1. Er... sim? Quando vou embalada num livro, é difícil parar! :D E o Throne of Glass presta-se mesmo a embalar-me (no bom sentido). O que estás a achar? Aonde é que vais?

    2. Vou a meio, naquela parte em que ela descobre a passagem secreta no quarto e fala com o fantasma da outra. Estou a gostar bastante da história no geral, só não vou com o príncipe, os POVs dele são totalmente escusados.
      Ainda assim, LESTE MUITO RÁPIDO xD

    3. Ahahaha, o Dorian também me irritou um bocado. xD

      Bem, estava a gostar imenso. ;) Felizmente comecei o livro no feriado, deu para ler mais um bocadinho. ^^