sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Summer Wrap-up Read-a-Thon - Saturday, August 4th

Pages: 224

Hours: 2 hours

Maria Calafrio 1 - Chegou o Tempo das Papoilas, Eric Baptizat, Olivier Supiot
Um Invulgar Anjo da Guarda, Denis-Pierre Filippi, Sandrine Revel
O Boss Sou Eu, Philippe Bercovici, Zidrou

Challenge: Wicked Summer Cover Challenge hosted by Jessica @ Wickedly Bookish
Are you ready to get cozy in your favorite reading spot, surrounded by books while you sip your favorite beverage? I know I am! While you are spending those hours in literary bliss, why not double the fun with a little cover scavenger hunt? There is a list of items to keep an eye out for below. You may use one cover for multiple items.

This challenge runs for the duration of the RAT so you will have a chance to not only find the items on the books you read, but also on the books other Summer Wrap-Up RAT participants are reading. Make a post showing us the covers with the items you have found (you don't need to find them all) and link it in the comments section of this post! This can be done anytime during the RAT.

A teeny bikini
Beach umbrella
Oceanscape or a beach scene
An American flag (4th of July)
Lemonade/Iced Tea
Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
Swimming Pool
Sun bather

So, here's my answer... or the beginning of it. I plan to further research covers to fit the other challenge words, so I may be updating this post a little bit more.

The sunset, sun and sunflower covers.

The bikini, sunglasses and oceanscape/beach scene covers.

Challenge: Rewrite the Synopsis hosted by Misa @ Skyway Avenue
Choose any book from the books you plan on reading for the Summer Read-A-Thon, and re-write it's synopsis.

I chose Stray, by Rachel Vincent.

Faythe Sanders may look like your average college student. She's not. With each foot in two different worlds, she is also a shapeshifter - a werecat. Female werecats are rare among her species, so they are highly protected by each Pride, but Faythe escaped a controlled life for a normal one. Now a Stray werecat is on the hunt. And Faythe is on his path.

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  1. Oh pra ela a usar um dos meus livros para a read-a-thon no challenge xD

    1. Ehehehe, pois é! Estava com dificuldade em encontrar capas para as palavras... alias, ainda estou, só fiz 6 em 15 palavras! xD