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Bout of Books 5.0 Read-a-Thon - The Wrap-Up Post

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

Who knew that read-a-thons could be so much fun. I've always wanted to enter one, but only lately managed to find the time, and here I am, on my fourth one. It was challenging to read as much as I could in the course of a week (actually, two, since I did two RAT in a row), but thankfully, it's over. I have too many pending reviews to write, lol.

Statistically speaking, I read:

I've managed to accomplish my goals. Thankfully I set some manageable goals:
  • I read every day, at least for an hour or two;
  • I entered many of the challenges;
  • I updated my progress everyday;
  • Read 3 fiction books and a few comic books/graphic novels.

I lowered my TBR pile and read a bit more than usual - I rarely finish a book in 2 days these days, and I did so for the 3 fiction books I read. This was great, and I'd like to thank the hosts and everyone who hosted a challenge - they were quite challenging!

Below are my posts for the read-a-thon, both the starting post as well as the daily update posts, which contain my progress and my answers to the challenges.

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  1. Respostas
    1. Mwahahahahah... ;) Quando é para ler, é para ler à seria. Mas também não fiz nada de jeito no blogue, ainda estou a recuperar em termos de posts e opiniões. :P

  2. That's an amazing page count! You did great. Hope to see you in January for Bout-of-Books 6.0 ;)

    1. Thank you! I am so looking forward to Bout of Books 6.0. ;)