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Soul Screamers Reading Challenge - Finished

Soul Screamers Reading Challenge 

The Soul Screamers Reading Challenge was hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun. The idea was to read and review each book in the series (books #1-5) between January 15th to June 14th. The sign-up page was here, and for the ones writing a participation post, they could leave the link here.

BIW Mini Challenge

The Before I Wake Mini-Reading Challenge was also hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun. The idea was to read and review Before I Wake, the last published book in the Soul Screamers series, between June 26th and August 1st. The sign-up post was here.

Books read for this challenge:

I should totally have posted this by mid-year, when the challenge actually ended, but  time passed, and my window of opportunity too, so I thought I should just mention this challenge by the end of the year with all the other challenges. It went so well, I read all books, novellas and short stories in the series, and reviewed them all. I think I forgot to post the last review on the proper linky widget, though, silly me.
I loved to get to know Rachel Vincent's writing voice and I just like the way she writes her characters and what she puts them through. I would say this was a very successful challenge indeed and I am looking forward to With All my Soul, the last book in the series, out this following March.

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