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Cascade, Lisa T. Bergren

I'm submitting this book to the YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by YA Bliss.

Review: And again this author captivated me into medieval times, with this tale of two sisters, Gabriella and Evangelia Betarrini. In this installment, Gabi and Lia go back to Italy, taking their mother, to prove her they are not lying about the time portal they found. But given their role in the conflict between Siena and Firenze in the previous book, they soon get wrapped on a full-bloomed war, in which they risk their lives over and over.

How much can I praise this book? I'm already a huge fan of The River of Time Series, and I can hardly think there's only one book left for me to read. I really like the way Lisa T. Bergren writes, combining the more archaic (it's medieval times, after all) way of speaking between the characters, with the thoughts of a very 21st century girl, when we are reading Gabi's narration.

There's also the small detail that Lisa manages to put their main characters into all kinds of dire situations, creating two very brave girls. Gabi, especially, goes though all sorts of drama, and just keeps going. She's plain awesome, and probably my favourite character.

The guys are just drool-worthy. The tension and love between Gabi and Marcello is heart-melting, and I expect that they get their well-deserved happy ending in the third book. No less is acceptable. Lia starts to fall for her knight in shining armor too, Luca Forelli, and I'm rooting for him to get the girl as well. A guy that manages to survive the plague while running from a battle, through a forest, and with a dive or two in between, has to have my respect. And all that while still cracking jokes.

In the end, it seems the girls are starting to convince their mother of the charms (and perils) of medieval Italy, but then Lisa throws us the classic "let's just screw with the time continuum and see how it turns out" as a cliffhanger. I can see a way of making it work without ruining the timeline, but it would be quite interesting to see if there are actually any consequences of what the Betarrinis did.

I'm looking forward to reading the third book, Torrent, but also dread it a bit, as the description makes it seem like the plague is spreading through Europe and I just *know* someone's going to die. But I can´t stay away from the Betarrinis and this medieval tale, so... bring it on.

Pages: 416

Publisher: David C. Cook

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  1. Acho que tenho de experimentar esta série :)

  2. Está recomendada, é muito gira. A autora não se inibe de pôr as partes mais chatas da época medieval, criou umas personagens femininas bem fortes, e os protagonistas masculinos são... bem, são literalemente "knights in shining armor". :D