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Forgotten, Cat Patrick

I'm submitting this book to the 2011 Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren.

Review: At 4:33 AM every morning, London forgets the day that has passed and remembers what is to come. Every day at night, before sleep, she has to make notes to herself about what is important to remember about that day, and what she should know about the following day.

London's condition is so crazy. I can't imagine what it must be to forget everything that happened that day. And to read tons of notes everyday! But somehow, she manages. I got curious as to how memory is linked to our emotions and knowledge. How does London still care for the people she cares even if she doesn't remember them at the beggining of the day?

Also, because she forgets what she learned and what homework she did, I wonder how she keeps a pretense of normalcy at school. I figured the key might be repetition, because she overviews her homework and school subjects before school, and that might be enough to learn it? I don't know, the author should have made both matters more clear.

But I liked to read about how London met Luke and how she struggled with not remembering him and taking notes about what had happened. I also liked how their relationship developed, a normal teen boyfriend and girlfriend. That the paranormal aspect was so low profile in the story made their growing attachment more natural and cute.

Her friend Jamie drove me nuts. Why must the best friend always be a slut? She could have gotten into so much trouble, and she didn't care. Worse, when London tried to warn her about what could happen, she just wouldn't listen. I understand her need not to know what future has in store for her, but she could avoid doing certain very stupid things.

The mystery within the story is developed a bit late, although clues are presented quite soon. But it comes to a quite satisfying end, albeit it all turned out to be very unrealistic. But I liked how it was linked to London's memory problem.

A satisfying read, with a very cute teen romance, a very interesting premise, although the ending could be better, and the mystery could have also been better developed.

Pages: 316

Publisher: Little, Brown

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  1. Desiludiu-me este :( o namoro dos dois é fofinho, mas fora isso, realmente muita coisa não faz sentido, ou é explicada.

    E sim, pelos vistos a melhor amiga tem sempre de ser a slut, deve ser para a heroína parecer ainda mais santinha. Mas podia ao menos ser uma slut que acredita na melhor amiga e que principalmente não se zanga durante meses com ela por causa de uma cena qualquer. É muito parvinha a gaja. :S

  2. Pois, a parte da memória podia ser tão melhor desenvolvida. É um tema fascinante, mas tão complexo que nem peço muito - apenas a explicação de como a falta de memória dela (não) afectava as relações com os outros, ou o trabalho de aprendizagem. :/

    Lol, realmente é capaz de ser para a heroína parecer mais boa pessoa em comparação. xD Mas a Jamie... grrr a ignorá-la durante meses. Enfim, parece que a best friend slut (ou bitch) é um must have para os livros YA e as comédias românticas. xD