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Bright Young Things, Anna Godbersen

I'm submitting this book to the YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by YA Bliss.

Review: Welcome to the Roaring Twenties. Life is good, bootleggers run speakeasies, and women adhere to the new lifestyle known as flapper. And Anna Godbersen does it again, managing to turn New York yet again into a glamorous city, but this time in 1929 (instead of 1899 in the Luxe series).

This time around, we follow three girls: Letty Larkspur and Cordelia Hale, that come from Ohio in search of two different things, the first to be a star, and the second to meet her dad; also, Astrid Donal, a rich, flapper girl who seems to have it all, but somehow something is missing.

I loved to know more about the kind of life girls would have in the 1920's. If one were in a rich family, life would be composed of an endless string of partying, going to country clubs and sleeping late. If one were not as lucky, they might find themselves working at a speakeasy or struggling to make it as an actress or singer. But women were liberating themselves from many of society's strict rules, and life was as glamorous as it could be.

The girl protagonists were pretty interesting to meet, as they struggled with the good and the bad in their lives in this crazy time. I found that something Cordelia did was incredibly stupid (I don't care how gaga you're over a guy, you don't ever tell him the family's secrets), but she paid for it big time, so I'll overlook it. As for my favorite, it's a tie between Cordelia and Astrid, but I don't want to become too attached to any of them, because as far as I can tell, Anna Godbersen likes to surprise us with sudden deaths and the likes of it.

The story felt a bit introductory, but was satisfying nonetheless. The story's climaxes and twists were pretty obvious to me, but were exciting as well. Some new characters are introduced toward the ending, but the story is self-contained and ends with closure enough for the book to be read alone. (Although I'm really dying to know what the girls will do next! Thankfully the next book comes out in September.)

I'm very interested in keep reading about society and culture in the 1920's, and I am most excited about reading about the Crash of 1929. This book occurs during early summer of 1929, so Black Tuesday and the end of an era is close by. Beautiful Days, here I come.

Oh, and I must gush over the cover. The tradition of having one girl main character in it is followed (Astrid is in this cover, and Cordelia in Beautiful Days's), and the tradition of girl in a gorgeous dress is as well! Thank you so much, Harper's art department!

Pages: 400

Publisher: HarperTeen (Harper Collins)

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